Office Information

Welcome! The Washington office staff will work hard to keep the school running efficiently and smoothly. Thank you for visiting our site and please let us know how we can assist you. 

Washington District-Wide Elementary School

1200 11th Ave. NW,  
Rochester, MN 55901
Phone Line: (507) 328-3800
Beth McNeil
Office Manager
(507) 328-3801 | Email


Frequently Used Phone Numbers

Attendance Line - (507) 328-3801
Fax Line -
LPN - (507) 328-3808


School buses begin pick up

School buses arrive at school

School day starts School day end time End of day bus loading time
*8:30 AM 9:05-9:25 AM 9:30 AM 3:55 PM 3:55-4:00 PM

*Some rural students may have earlier pick up times.


Please report all absences to the Attendance Line at: (507) 328-3801.